A song is only as good as the beat. And a beat is only as good as the producers behind it. THE VIBESMEN have hit the streets and the radio, making a name for themselves within the music industry as some of the most slept on producers. Placing tracks for major artists like Nas, Cam'Ron, Busta Rhymes, and Capone-n-Noreaga, the VIBESMEN are known for beats that tear up the streets and make other producers step their game up. Hailing from Brooklyn, the VIBESMEN'S versatile sound recognizes hip hop's history and comfortably leads us into the genre's future. Several Brooklyn rappers started their careers in the Vibesmen studio including RED CAFE, GRAVY, AND Q DA KID.

Respecting the history has paved the way for VIBESMEN, allowing them to sample in the footsteps of DR.DRE, LARGE PROFESSOR, and PREMIER. With a sharp ear for hidden patterns in samples, along with intuitive selections of hard-hitting drums, it's easy to hear why street tracks come as second nature to the VIBESMEN. From street anthems to club bangers, VIBESMEN members Ameretto and T-LO dip in and out of musical styles with little effort, making R&B tracks that pluck at your heart strings and club bangers that have formula. "At the end of the day, we're musicians, and musicians can transform the sound of their music based upon how they feel. That's why our music always stays relevant and can't be pigeon holed", says Ameretto, CEO of VIBESMEN Productions.

It's this versatility that has allowed the VIBESMEN to work with top recording artists and produce commercials in rotation at New York's Hot 97 radio station. From the club and the streets to radio and commercials, the VIBESMEN create music that reminds us all of 
why we love hip hop so much.