Having stepped into the aural arena producing dynamite  tracks for Nas and Busta Rhymes, the New York City production crew the Vibesmen has a sound that is explosive.
MICHAEL A. GONZALES, writer for XXL, Vibe and The Source

‚Äč"When I first heard beats by the Vibesmen I immediately caught the vibe. Their soulful samples wit bangin' backdrops brought me to a time when Hip-Hop felt great. But the baselines and synths still kept it relevant and made it full. In an industry where everyone's trying to emulate a 'sound' I haven't heard anyone as authentic as them in a minute"

I have had the pleasure of working with The Vibesmen for just about 10 years. The same hunger, passion and thirst for knowledge that they had when I met them is exactly what fuels them today. They are true to their craft and are lovers of hip-hop. In a time where producers take short-cuts, Vibesmen make a way to allow their talent to break through the static noise. You will continue to hear about them for years to come.
JUNE ARCHER, CEO, Eleven 28 Entertainment, Creator of New England Music Seminar & Operations Manager for Starcyde Entertainment 
I've worked with the Vibesmen and they are on the cutting edge of production. So if you're looking for hot tracks and a new dominant sound in music production, Vibesmen Productions is the team to work with!"
Carlton Wright, CEO, CW-One Entertainment, LLC